Q - Are you available before or after your listed working hours?

A - I’m an early bird and happy to see existing clients from 6am.

Q - Do you like receiving reviews?

A - Whilst I believe in the review system to maintain integrity in this industry, I have always been uncomfortable having private details about me shared online. I will always welcome a generalised review of my service however I'd prefer not to have detailed accounts posted online i.e. a blow by blow. However, it will always remain your prerogative to publish a more graphic review if it's important to you. Scarlet Blue is my preferred website to post a review. Thank you for understanding. 

Q - I want to book a double with you. Are you and one of your girlfriends available right now/today?

A - No. Doubles take time to organise. Trying to align three people’s schedules is not something that happens quickly in most cases. Please contact me and I’ll provide you with options depending on who is available in your given city. Please be prepared to pay a deposit if you are not an existing client.

Q - What payment methods do you accept?

A - I accept cash, ATM deposit or online bank transfer (must be cleared in advance).

Q - I’d like to bring you a gift when we meet. What kind of gifts do you like?

A - I try to embrace a somewhat minimalist lifestyle therefore receiving material gifts doesn’t align with my values. If you’re uncomfortable turning up empty handed, flowers would always be welcomed and appreciated!

Q - I feel a genuine connection with you. Does this mean you’re interested in seeing me on a personal basis?

A - I legitimately love getting to know my clients however I only see clients in a professional capacity. Boundaries exist for both our well-beings. Attempts to push the boundaries will likely result in me not feeling comfortable continuing to see you.